The moving mobile market

The moving mobile market

A fair share of advertisers would say that mobile advertising has grown to entirely new levels, Nielsen has shockingly reported that it hasn’t even come close to reaching its full potential.

Mobile advertising is so incredibly new in our society that companies are a bit confused about how to best capture it.

In its release, Nielsen, the premier global information and measurement company, acknowledges that mobile advertising is an appealing opportunity for brand marketers, offering them the potential to reach a pool of consumers that is growing exponentially by the day.
But because of mobile’s relative youth, Nielsen suggests there is still confusion about how best to engage in mobile advertising — and how to measure its efficacy.

“Marketers are deploying mobile campaigns on their own as well as a complement to other media.” says the Nielsen report.

In other news from the report, Nielsen predicts that:
1. Spending on mobile brand initiatives will grow faster than spending on direct response initiatives in 2014. One-fifth (21 percent) of advertisers will increase their mobile brand spend by more than 20 percent in 2014.
2. Roughly three-quarters of new mobile funds will come at the expense of other online and offline budgets.
3. Advertisers are increasingly using mobile advertising as an integrated, cross-platform tactic, and are running it in conjunction with other online (90 percent) and offline media (80 percent).

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